Heraklion, the modern capital of Crete, situated about 5 km north of Knossos, the ancient capital of Minoan Crete, and one of the exceptional monuments of the Bronze Age, welcomes you to come and enjoy its rich heritage alongside your participation in the 26th annual CIDOC - ICOM Conference in 2018 (CIDOC 2018). This year the conference, focuses on the topic of provenance of knowledge!
Participants in this important event, which will take place from September 29th to October 5th, are invited to take part in a series of workshops, parallel sessions and discussions with experts from around the world. The thematic of exploring the origins of knowledge will drive the intellectual and practical agenda of the conference. Meanwhile, participants will also have the opportunity to “travel back in time” and visit the unique monuments of the Minoan Civilization by taking part in the daily excursions and guided tours, as well as the final day excursion.

Conference theme

Generating and tracing the ‘Provenance of Knowledge’ is a core element of good practice in documentation and thus, has been chosen as the theme of CIDOC 2018.
Provenance of Knowledge refers to the attempt to trace the origins of the information and knowledge about an object, an entity or an idea in order to reconstruct the whole chain of creation, use, interpretation and dissemination of the object and our knowledge about it. The ultimate purpose of this reconstruction is to confirm, illustrate, and validate the information and knowledge contained in the documentation in order to facilitate understanding across times and cultures. In this way, it contributes to scholarly citation in information handling while connecting all the material evidence kept in museums and other memory institutions.
The possibility to validate and/or disconfirm information and knowledge held by memory institutions has been greatly aided by the increasing use of digital technologies in documentation. However, this advancement in documentation has created new difficulties as the abundance of the available information makes it difficult to introduce standards and processes to model and maintain the development and validity of documented information.
By focusing the issue of provenance of knowledge, the 2018 annual CIDOC conference aims to support museums by helping deepen our communal knowledge and understanding of documentation as a means of knowledge preservation, dissemination and exchange.

We warmly invite you to participate in the conference and to help advance this important scientific inquiry with your experience and insight. You can enhance the community’s discussions on the harmonization of the processes to trace back information by presenting on a wide array of potential topics focusing on different potential lines of interest:

  • Theoretical aspects
  • User experience
  • Innovative implementations for the analysis and documentation of information and knowledge.

The overall aim is to work together to produce new insights into the Provenance of Knowledge in the documentation and memory institution community considered more broadly. More analytically, the proposed conference topics are as follows:

  • Object information as historical source
  • Object documentation and archival resources
  • Field research and object documentation
  • Oral tradition and witnessing information in connection with objects
  • Documentation and interdisciplinarity
  • Object documentation and analytical resources
  • Provenance of materials and techniques
  • Documentation for target groups (e.g. special needs)
  • Methods of knowledge verification and documentation of knowledge revision
  • Ethics of provenance of information
  • Provenance of knowledge and preservation of referred sources