[S4.5] Spectrum - Updating the standard

Date: Wednesday,3 October
Time : 14:20 - 15:50
Duration : One session
Place: Pasiphae
Audience Type : Open
Type: Panel Discussion

This session will look at:

  • At how Spectrum 5.0 was created, what has changed and what is new
  • Experiences of localising and supporting Spectrum
  • The development of support for Spectrum terminology

The session will also include a discussion session where attendees, particularly those who are not familiar with the standard, are encouraged seek answers to their questions.

Gordon McKenna
Collections Trust, UK
Short Bio:

Gordon McKenna has worked in the cultural heritage sector for over 30 years in a series of challenging and rewarding posts. His first degree was in Archaeological Sciences. After graduation he took part in excavations, and carried out research projects to source pottery and to analyse wall painting pigments using nuclear physics techniques. He also has worked extensively in museums: moving stores, documenting a wide range objects, carrying out conservation work; and creating exhibitions. Just before joining the Collections Trust in 1991 he obtained a Masters in Information Technology, with a dissertation looking at the use of project management software during large hardware relocation operation by British Aerospace. Since joining the Collections Trust he has authored standards and guides such as SPECTRUM Interactive, SPECTRUM Knowledge, Standards in Action - SPECTRUM IT Guide and Documentation: a practical guide. He has advised organisations, particularly on collections management systems and other IT-related issues. He has worked in partnership with organisations and consortia like CIDOC, ICOM-UK, FISH, EMII and CIMI to benefit the sector both in terms of standards and the creation of practical tools. He has lectured and given presentations on the Collections Trust's work throughout the world. At the moment he is Collections Trust’s Standards Manager. His major role is as co-editor of Collections Trust's Spectrum standard - the vademecum of collections management. He is also working on developing terminologies for use with Spectrum, and carrying out consultancy work in a wide range of areas.