[WS-5.12] What is a comprehensive Digital Strategy?
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Date: Sunday,30 September
Time: 14:20 : 17:50
Duration: Half day
Place: Cultural Conference Centre of Heraklion (CCCH)
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Arguably all museums use digital tools to fulfill their tasks. Museums take digital photos of exhibits and use data bases as the central knowledge systems of their object documentation. They make online collections available to their visitors and social media teams use object information for their PR work. However, comprehensive digital strategies are rare in museums. It’s time to assess costs, risks and opportunities and to link the various approaches to developing a digital strategy that fits its institution.

The workshop aims at assessing the use of digital tools in museums in an interdepartmental approach. Curators, collections managers and documentation specialists will be brought together to discuss the digital tools they use and to find ways to develop a comprehensive digital strategy for their institutions.

Gabriel Moore Forell Bevilacqua
Federal Fluminense University, Brazil,
Short Bio:

Gabriel Moore Forell Bevilacqua, CIDOC board member since 2010, holds the position of the CIDOC Vice Chair since 2016. He currently works as a teacher at the Information Science Department of the Federal Fluminense University (Niterói, Brazil). He is a member of the boards of the following organisations: Associação de Arquivistas de São Paulo (São Paulo Archivists Association), of the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Institute) and of the Associação de Amigos do Centro de Memória do Circo (Friend’s Association of the Circus Memory Center). 

Jan Behrendt
Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow,
Short Bio:

Jan Behrendt, CIDOC board member since 2016, is currently the head of the collections department of Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow, where he has been working as a curator since 2009. Prior to becoming a museum professional, he worked and studied in France, Germany, the United States and Mozambique. He holds a master’s degree (M.A.) in history.